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All business customers get 20% discount on service work,
if IT equipment is supplied by us.

Computer repair

Tomo Solutions started business providing complete computer repair services to home and business PC users, based on many years of experience in Laptop & Desktop PC service and repairs, technical support, maintenance and networking.

We want to offer all IT solutions in one place, that’s why we expanded our business to include web development and marketing, content management systems, web programming, video editing, CD/DVD presentations, design works for print production and began providing cost effective solutions throughout the U.K. and Europe.

We have built internet solutions for small and big businesses, helping them move into a worldwide market place.

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Computer services

  • PC service and repairs
  • Setup of new computers
  • Virus removal and security
  • OS installation
  • Data backup/recovery
  • Data transfer
  • Computer upgrades
  • Network services
  • Computer tune up
  • Blue screen error diagnostic and repairs
  • Health checks & Servicing

Laptop services

  • Service and repairs
  • Virus removal and security
  • Screen replacement
  • Power jack repairs
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Keyboard replacement
  • OS installation
  • Data backup/recovery
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Wireless network services

Business IT services

  • Monthly service contract
  • Office PC service/repairs
  • PC virus removal/security
  • Office PC data recovery
  • Network installation
  • Web development
  • Marketing
  • Web programming
  • Banners, logos, design for print production (CD covers, flyers, posters, cards, menus and much more)


Computer services and repairs

We can do a full diagnostic on your computer and repair all software and hardware problems.

Setup of new computer

PC, Laptop, Mac – technician will set up your new computer, connect all peripheral devices and make sure everything is working.

Virus removal and security

We will run special software to detect and remove unwanted viruses / malware and spyware and install FREE antivirus if you need it.

OS installation

Technician will install the version of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or MAC OS you have owned as well as newest drivers.

Data backup and recovery

Technician can backup all your data or recover it after system failure or accidental format. We can recover data from your “dead” HDD. For more information press here.

Network services

We can fully plan your network at home or office and offer the best possible solutions to have highest data transfer rates between different devices as well as secure your data.


Home user or business – desktop or laptop, PC or Mac, we have over 10 years experience in dealing with hardware and software failures on personal and business computers so you can be sure that whatever the problem, we have a solution for you. No need to unplug and move your computer to PC shop, our engineers will visit at a time to suit you, including any evenings and weekends. Tomo Solutions PC Support offers quick and reliable computer & laptop repair services at reasonable prices.

Professional desktop computer repairs & laptop maintenance services

We offer a full range of services and that will meet all your entire home and business needs. If we cannot fix your PC on-site, we will bring it in to our equipped workshop. Free collection and delivery services available. We will always keep you informed about cost of the repair before any work. This includes the cost of any parts and estimated labor fees.
We do not charge hourly rate or call out fee and NO FIX NO FEE for all range of computer repair (e.g. if we are unable to find parts for your computer). There is a small minimum diagnostics/disassembly fee for systems that can be repaired but the customer chooses not to go ahead with the repair for whatever reason.
We know that beyond the computer repair you want someone you can TRUST and UNDERSTAND. That’s why our computer repair services have been ranked well time and time again and what makes us the best choice for computer repair services.


Computer Diagnostic and repair estimates
(diagnostic is included in the price of the final repair cost)

Is your computer slow? Take long time to start up? Does it crash or lockup? Some software doesn’t work? Internet connection slow? We can test all the hardware / software on your computer and tell you what is wrong with your PC or laptop. After we will give an estimate for the cost of fixing your computer.
A technician will:
Troubleshoot your computer hardware & software to find problem.
Give you an estimate of the cost of the repairs service and upgrades required.
Setup of new computer
Buying a new computer? Technician come to your home or office and setup your computer, stay as long as it takes to get the system running the way that you want it. Install your printer, webcam & get connected to the internet.
From £40
Virus removal and security
We will run special software to detect and remove unwanted viruses / malware and spyware. Install all of the Windows/MAC critical updates also recommend virus and spyware software to ward off future attacks (if you needed).
From £40
OS installation
Technician will install the version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or MAC OS you have owned. Install all critical updates, all drivers and configure software make sure operating system is running smooth.
From £40
Data backup + Windows/MAC OS installation
Back up your data of the computer, format, install Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or MAC OS you have owned, install all critical updates, drivers, configure your software to make sure your new Windows is running smooth. Scan your data to remove any viruses or malware and put all the data back on your new Windows.
From £50
Computer data recovery service
If you recently deleted or formatted data on your hard drive, we may be able to get most of the data back. We will take the hard drive to our workshop and use powerful data recovery tools. If we can’t get the data, you only pay £20 for visit.
From £49
Computer/MAC hardware upgrade
If you have a limited budget to spent on a new PC, laptop or MAC, upgrading your computer can be a great way of saving money. You can upgrade your existing computer by adding latest technology to it. Upgrade as many parts on your computer as you need, including processor, memory, motherboard, hard drive, DVD/blue ray and more. As well as upgrading your computer, we can offer to get parts you need for the best prices.
From £20
Internet connection setup & troubleshooting
Having trouble setting up your internet connection? We can install your modem or wireless router, update the firmware and configure your ethernet or wireless adapter also setup wireless encryption on router to make network secure.


Screen replacement
If your laptop screen is broken, damaged or cracked during use or has dead pixels, lines or the picture sharpness is reduced and backlight is not working, don’t panic. We can provide you excellent quality replacement screen at very reasonable rate. The cost of the service depends on the size and make of the screen. Most common screens usually cost less. Tomo Solutions imports only high quality laptop screens. Your screen is guaranteed for 3 months of purchase from any manufacturing defects.
From £79
DC Power jack repair
Have you got a loose power connection or broken power plug on your laptop computer? Is your DC power jack or ac power plug not working? Your battery is not charging? When you plug AC adapter, the laptop appears to be dead and there is no LED activity at all? We can replace or repair it.
From £40
Laptop keyboard repair / replacement service
Are you facing problems with your laptop keyboard? Is it stuck or won’t function? The laptop keyboard is one among the most common malfunctioning items of a laptop. We can repair or replace your laptop keyboard for all model makes of laptop.
From £39
Motherboard replacement service
Many laptop problems are caused by faults on the motherboard rendering the laptop or notebook unusable.
From £89


If you have any other problems, for e.g. forgot Windows or BIOS password or want to setup and configure your new email, please don’t hesitate to call us, we have solutions for any problems!


We offer custom made monthly IT support that have a number of benefits over our existing services. From just maintaining your computer hardware to providing a complete computer support solution, we will put together a package that will suite your needs and budget.

All required labour is covered up to an agreed service level for tasks such as consultancy, configuration of hardware and software, problem solving.

Basic business IT support package includes:

  • Monthly remote IT security checks and precaution measures
  • Unlimited phone and on site support
  • High level of safety and security of your business data
  • Purchase and delivery of new equipment
  • Consulting your employees on how to work with new software
  • We will ensure that your computer equipment and local area network is running quickly and smoothly

If you want to get individual offer, please call us now on 07876 344 433 or fill the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.